Everything sells. Whatever you do in life is a deal across the table inspired by some weird intuition. And what you see is what you buy. This is brand to you!

In a materialized version of human civilization which is thriving today, Brand is seen as the only factor which helps in bringing the nefarious plans of shrewd businessman come to reality. In our hearts we aspire for getting associated with the biggest brands. Such strong is the influence of brand that they have actually helped in creating wealth. Many people started out to run their own firms just because they wanted to own a Merc which their salary would have never given them!!! The satisfaction or rather dissatisfaction they got after having one is a different story altogether.

Economist (the low paid academicians) often prophesize about an ideal world where everything sells at a price which is determined by the value it provides to the buyer. They may unnecessarily keep on harping about their ideal markets tending to equilibrium fundamentals , but on the ground its a different game altogether in which the winners add the least value to the buyer at most exorbitant prices. Stock markets are run on brands. Companies are valued on brands. And You are sold out and fooled on brands.

I would give the pain of filling up some 1000-2000 odd words a miss trying to make my point. Rather I would better keep it simple and sweet. I will take our beloved Nano maker Tata Motors to make my point. It has a price to book ratio of 3.3 meaning around 70% of its present stock market valuations is resting on intangible assets like Goodwill, Patents, skilled human resource and Most importantly Brand. To put things even more clear, it wouldn’t be too wrong to say that company is running only on its great brand valuations and associated with it the hopes that it will make big one day( again due to a greatly visible brand).

No prizes for guessing why marketing offers so lucrative career and how much value they add to the human-prosperity-value-chain!

Savil Gupta

BITS – Pilani